BBQ Accessories

  1. 12 inch barbecue 109616

    12 inch barbecue
    Kettle barbecue with design handle, food grill with wire handle and adjustable air valves....

    From£31.11 EACH

  2. 12 pcs barbecue set in aluminium box 75033

    12 pcs barbecue set in aluminium box
    12 pcs stainless steel barbecue set, including 4 pcs skewers, carving knife, 4 corn holders,...

    From£28.98 EACH

  3. 3 pcs bamboo BBQ set 187776

    3 pcs bamboo BBQ set
    3 pcs stainless steel barbecue set with bamboo handles including spatula, carving fork and pair of...

    From£17.66 EACH

  4. 3 pcs barbecue set in aluminium box 75032

    3 pcs barbecue set in aluminium box
    3 pcs stainless steel barbecue set including, spatula, carving fork with protection cover and pair...

    From£10.28 EACH

  5. 4 pcs BBQ set 187777

    4 pcs BBQ set
    4 pcs bbq set with stainless steel spatula and tongs, bbq glove and meat thermometer.

    From£23.34 EACH

  6. Asado 11 piece BBQ set 187194

    Asado 11 piece BBQ set
    BBQ set includes spatula, brush, fork, and cleaning brush (all with wooden handles), six skewers,...

    From£13.54 EACH

  7. Ashtray BBQ 231496

    Ashtray BBQ
    Ashtray BBQ

    From£5.18 EACH

  8. Barabicu 10 piece BBQ set 218916

    Barabicu 10 piece BBQ set
    BBQ set with zipped carrying case, front open pocket and double handles. Includes spatula, fork,...

    From£11.70 EACH

  9. Barbecue Grill Cleaner Bary 240883

    Barbecue Grill Cleaner Bary
    Barbeque grill cleaner with sponge, brush and scraper.

    From£2.45 EACH

  10. Barbecue set Aurora 113699

    Barbecue set Aurora
    Material: nylon, wood, stainless steelBranding Method: transferPrint Area: on the apron, centered...


  11. Barbecue set BBQ CADDY 231706

    Barbecue set BBQ CADDY
    BBQ set BBQ-CADDY 7 pcs: spatula tongs grill brush brush and fork plastic handles in the design of...

    From£47.91 EACH

  12. Barbecue set GRILLINO 231704

    Barbecue set GRILLINO
    BBQ set GRILLINO 3 pcs: fork spatula and tongs made of stainless steel all pcs with long handle in...

    From£16.91 EACH

  13. Barbecue set GRILLMEISTER 231703

    Barbecue set GRILLMEISTER
    BBQ set GRILLMEISTER made of stainless steel 21 pcs: spatula brush knife grill brush fork tongs and...

    From£58.88 EACH

  14. Barbecue Set North 239970

    Barbecue Set North
    Seven piece barbeque tool set with glove, seasoning set, tongs, fork and spatula.

    From£14.88 EACH

  15. Barbecue Set Rustik 240884

    Barbecue Set Rustik
    Barbeque set in zipped case. Contains stainless steel spatula, tongs and fork and 600D polyester...

    From£14.71 EACH

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