Business Card Holders

  1. Aqua Business Card Wallet 00386619

    Aqua Business Card Wallet
    Liquid filled wallet to hold 8 business or credit cards as standard. Custom liquid colours are...


  2. Belluno PU Business Card Case 00290451

    Belluno PU Business Card Case
    Belluno Business Card Case Colour Collection finished in a soft touch leatherette, which changes...

    From£7.68 EACH

  3. Birdie 148614

    Business card case flat with design sticker metal shiny chrome plated design "BIRDIE" holds approx....


  4. Black Garda Card Case 2001105540

    Black Garda Card Case
    Polished nickel card case with imitation black carbon fibre centre section on lid.

    From£5.18 EACH

  5. Brent Card Case 2001105372

    Brent Card Case
    Metal card case in matt finish with shiny trim.

    From£4.75 EACH

  6. Business card holder Practise 60890924

    Business card holder Practise
    The elegant design and the high-quality leather look combined with fine metal make this business...

    From£1.79 EACH

  7. Card Binder-aluminium 60875096

    Card Binder-aluminium
    Business cards binder with index. 96 cards capacity. Anodised aluminium.

    From£9.50 EACH

  8. Card Binder-colours 60875185

    Card Binder-colours
    Business cards binder with index. 96 cards capacity. Anodised aluminium.

    From£9.98 EACH

  9. Card Box - Aluminimum 40775094

    Card Box - Aluminimum
    Business card box. Anodised aluminium.

    From£1.93 EACH

  10. Card Box - Colours 40775286

    Card Box - Colours
    Business card box. Anodised aluminium.

    From£2.09 EACH

  11. Card Holder Hektar 240878

    Card Holder Hektar
    Aluminium business card holder with six compartments.

    From£1.96 EACH

  12. Card Stand 186706

    Card Stand
    Business card case PU/stainless steel magnetic fastening grey also to be used as business card...


  13. Charge Card 186753

    Charge Card
    Business card case with external battery (charger) and hydrodynamic opening mechanism 1200 mAh...


  14. Credit Card Holder 166239

    Credit Card Holder
    CREDIT CARD HOLDER WITH 6 FULLY LINED CARD SLOTS. Illustrated in Recycled Leather also available in...

    From£5.41 EACH

  15. Credit Card Holder. 166257

    Credit Card Holder.
    CREDIT CARD HOLDER Fully lined interior, 6 transparent pockets holding 12 cards stitched in the...

    From£2.60 EACH

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