1. 3 layer PVC keyring 37406

    3 layer PVC keyring
    PVC 3 layer keyring with silver toggle. Upto 4 spot PVC colours with moulded logo on 1 side.

    From£1.44 EACH

  2. Accra Keyring 58611

    Accra Keyring
    Two tone oval metal keyring. With large metal split ring.

    From£1.44 EACH

  3. Adventurer key chain 273115

    Adventurer key chain
    design of keychain to keep your keys neatly organised. Can hold up to 6 standard keys. Presented in...

    From£1.80 EACH

  4. Allegro coin holder key light 178457

    Allegro coin holder key light
    1 Euro sized plastic coin with 6mm hole in holder with single white LED key light. 25mm metal split...

    From£0.47 EACH

  5. Alvaro key chain 258278

    Alvaro key chain
    Rectangular key chain. Keep your keys safe with this attractive modern key chain. Aluminium with...

    From£0.79 EACH

  6. Antares key light 46810

    Antares key light
    Slim and lightweight key light with single bright white LED and push button power switch. Metal...

    From£0.63 EACH

  7. Antistress Keyring Mandery 297996

    Antistress Keyring Mandery
    Stress keyring in the shape of a donut. Loop is fixed around the stress toy and attached to a...

    From£2.15 EACH

  8. Ascot Keyring 216446

    Ascot Keyring
    Shiny silver finish with matt silver insert on front. Large engraving area.

    From£1.95 EACH

  9. Aspen roller clip 47376

    Aspen roller clip
    Keep your badges or keys safe and at hand at all times. ABS plastic

    From£0.47 EACH

  10. Astro Key Light 148905

    Astro Key Light
    3 white LED key light. Metal split key ring. Batteries included. Aluminium

    From£1.13 EACH

  11. Avior rechargeable USB key light 94053

    Avior rechargeable USB key light
    Single LED rechargeable USB torch with twist action on/off power switch and metal split key chain....

    From£2.70 EACH

  12. Axiom 225946

    Pull-top satin nickel finish.


  13. Barto key chain 258276

    Barto key chain
    Classic key chain with colourful loop. Includes a black gift box. Aluminium

    From£1.24 EACH

  14. Beating Heart Keyring 172936

    Beating Heart Keyring
    Beating Heart Keyring In Silver Plated Metal Finish. Gift Boxed.

    From£6.19 EACH

  15. Bee Happy 186721

    Bee Happy
    Keyring flower and bee cast metal/enamel shiny chrome plated


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