1. Cigarette Pack Cover Straik 269028

    Cigarette Pack Cover Straik
    Emoji cigarette cardboard pack cover. Supplied in smiley face, wink face, cool face and heart face.

    From£0.17 EACH

  2. Coin Tray Flot 240003

    Coin Tray Flot
    Translucent storage tray with button closure. Supplied flat packed.

    From£0.96 EACH

  3. Customized Box 81401 243061

    Customized Box 81401
    Cardboard gift box with custom made full colour printing for Flower Marker, art 81401.


  4. Customized Box 81505 243060

    Customized Box 81505
    Cardboard gift box. Custom made, full colour print for Fish Highlighter, art 81525.


  5. Customized Box Ball pen 167113

    Customized Box Ball pen
    Cardboard gift box with custom made full colour printing. Suitable for any type of pen.

    From£0.30 EACH

  6. Custom-made box 243067

    Custom-made box
    Each custom-made box (12x2,5x8) is available for the following powerbanks: 91064, 90981 and 91038.


  7. Custom-made Box Powerbanks 243066

    Custom-made Box Powerbanks
    Each custom-made box (10x3x6,5) is available for the following powerbanks: 91042, 91089, 91030,...


  8. Gift box Sleeve 167097

    Gift box Sleeve
    Black gift box for one pen with transparent sleeve.

    From£0.43 EACH

  9. Image Box for 150ml tube 35014959

    Image Box for 150ml tube
    ImageBox for 150ml tube, customized 1-colour imprint, assembled. Please contact supplier for...

    From£1.51 EACH

  10. Multipurpose Box Harcal 240875

    Multipurpose Box Harcal
    Multipurpose desktop box with removable lid. Ideal for storing paperclips and other small desk top...

    From£0.93 EACH

  11. Packaging Mug 167101

    Packaging Mug
    Blue gift box for 1 small mug.


  12. Packaging pen 167094

    Packaging pen
    Oval transparent gift box for 1 ball pen. Printing on the box is possible.

    From£0.64 EACH

  13. Packaging pen 167091

    Packaging pen
    Transparent packaging for 1 ball pen.

    From£1.38 EACH

  14. Packaging pen 167089

    Packaging pen
    Rectangle black carton gift box for 1 ball pen, has a window and sliding lid. Printing on the box...

    From£0.71 EACH

  15. Packaging pen 243053

    Packaging pen
    Transparent tube for two ballpens.


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