Pocket Knives

  1. Apollo Gift Set 156323

    Apollo Gift Set
    Compact gift set with the Radar key chain torch that comes with a 0.5 Watt light and handle which...

    From£8.53 EACH

  2. Cutter Fainel 297917

    Cutter Fainel
    Stainless steel slim blade box cutter pen knife. Built in clip on the reverse.

    From£0.77 EACH

  3. Cutter Gruesly 297916

    Cutter Gruesly
    Stainless steel and aluminium retractable blade box cutter pen knife. Ribbed for easy grip. Built...

    From£2.73 EACH

  4. Cutter Koltom 297915

    Cutter Koltom
    Retractable blade box cutter pen knife with small hole for attaching to keyrings and lanyards.

    From£0.55 EACH

  5. Deltaform knife 187168

    Deltaform knife
    Deltaform knife with carabiner. Single blade folding knife with a stainless steel titanium coated...

    From£10.74 EACH

  6. Emmy 9 function pocket knife 258140

    Emmy 9 function pocket knife
    Pocket knife with Philips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, bottle opener, corkscrew can opener,...

    From£1.67 EACH

  7. Folding utility knife 272973

    Folding utility knife
    with a replaceable cutter. Features a liner lock to safely hold the open blade in place. Pouch...

    From£6.31 EACH

  8. Haiduk 13-functions pocket knife 187169

    Haiduk 13-functions pocket knife
    This compact 13function pocket knife is the ideal companion for outdoor activities. Featuring an...

    From£11.83 EACH

  9. Hoost cutter knife 46360

    Hoost cutter knife
    Cutter knife with automatic retractable blade. Plastic

    From£0.43 EACH

  10. Hunter outdoor knife 75005

    Hunter outdoor knife
    Stainless steel knife with pakka wooden grip and metal clip.

    From£8.47 EACH

  11. Multi-Function Knife 211859

    Multi-Function Knife
    12 Function knife with storage pouch. Stainless steel knife, 600D polyester pouch

    From£2.08 EACH

  12. Multifunction Pocket Knife Korgon 298182

    Multifunction Pocket Knife Korgon
    Multifunction pocket knife made of stainless steel. Tools include a bottle opener, cork screw,...

    From£6.75 EACH

  13. Oscar 5 function pocket knife 178341

    Oscar 5 function pocket knife
    Pocket tool with knife, spring loaded scissors, tweezers, toothpick, nail file and mini metal split...

    From£0.77 EACH

  14. Pinto 3 function knife 258117

    Pinto 3 function knife
    Single LED light with knife and bottle opener. Battery included. Aluminium

    From£2.37 EACH

  15. Pocket Knife-11F 257632

    Pocket Knife-11F
    This tools include a knife, corkscrew, bottle opener, tin opener, screw driver, nail file, scissors...

    From£2.81 EACH

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