Shoe Shine Kits

  1. Essential shoe maintenance set 74844

    Essential shoe maintenance set
    Imitation leather case, including wooden shoe brush, neutral polish, soft cloth shine polish,...

    From£8.24 EACH

  2. Luxury Shoe Shine Kit 298254

    Luxury Shoe Shine Kit
    Luxury shoe polish kit in a handy travel case.

    From£13.63 EACH

  3. Shoehorn Polisher Wizzel 269007

    Shoehorn Polisher Wizzel
    Shoe horn with shoe polish.

    From£1.21 EACH

  4. Shoe Polisher Coundy 297981

    Shoe Polisher Coundy
    Rounded shoe polish container. This pocket-sized polish is ideal when travelling.

    From£0.66 EACH

  5. Shoe polish roll Grenoble 113573

    Shoe polish roll Grenoble
    Material: plastic, PP, faux leather, cotton, woodInformation: shoe horn, shoe polish, transparent,...


  6. Shoe polish set Cannes 113572

    Shoe polish set Cannes
    Material: plastic, cotton, woodInformation: two brushes, shoe horn, clothes brush, shoe polish,...


  7. Shoe Shine Kit 248466

    Shoe Shine Kit
    Shoe shine kit comprising of two brushes, shoe horn, dust cloth and polish in a tin.

    From£4.47 EACH

  8. Travel Shoe Polish 30979918

    Travel Shoe Polish
    Travel Shoe Polish, Round white instant shoe shine sponge

    From£0.30 EACH