1. 100% Silk Handmade woven ties 002101242

    100% Silk Handmade woven ties
    100% Silk handmade ties, the executive gift or club/corporate tie, these ties are finished to the...


  2. Bow Tie 288826

    Bow Tie
    Woven polyester bow tie. Bow ties are also available in silk and can be digitally or screen...

    From£3.27 EACH

  3. Clip-On Printed Polyester Tie 002115998

    Clip-On Printed Polyester Tie
    Bespoke screen or digitally printed polyester clip-on ties are ideal when the personalised designs...


  4. Clip-On Tie 288827

    Clip-On Tie
    Woven polyester clip-on tie. Also available in silk. Gents tie with single or all over woven...

    From£3.86 EACH

  5. Custom Made Ties 002114308

    Custom Made Ties
    A custom made necktie is a must for anyone looking to standout and make a positive impact. What...


  6. Digitally Printed Tie 288825

    Digitally Printed Tie
    Digitally printed polyester tie, also available in silk, achieving intricate, full colour,...

    From£6.88 EACH

  7. Polyester Bow Tie 002115997

    Polyester Bow Tie
    Woven, screen printed or digitally printed polyester bow ties. Bespoke made to order incorporating...


  8. Polyester & Silk Woven Ties 127483

    Polyester & Silk Woven Ties
    Bespoke Polyester & Silk Woven Ties, all made to any design

    From£3.62 EACH

  9. Polyester Tie 31489816

    Polyester Tie
    Woven polyester tie with all-over bespoke design. Available in either standard or clip-on versions.

    From£3.16 EACH

  10. Polyester Ties 17436

    Polyester Ties
    Dye-Printed polyester Satin, Twill or Crepe de Chine. Fully lined, mitre-tipped at each end, hand...

    From£6.91 EACH

  11. Premier Clip On Safety Tie 30129117

    Premier Clip On Safety Tie
    All Colours / All Sizes

    From£4.59 EACH

  12. Premier Colours Fashion Tie 30129134

    Premier Colours Fashion Tie
    All Colours / All Sizes

    From£6.81 EACH

  13. Premier Scarf - Checks 30134891

    Premier Scarf - Checks
    All Colours / All Sizes


  14. Premier Scarf - Checks 30136087

    Premier Scarf - Checks
    All Colours / All Sizes


  15. Premier Scarf - Checks 30129130

    Premier Scarf - Checks
    All Colours / All Sizes

    From£8.45 EACH